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Failure to Follow Care Plans

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Bed sores, slip-and-fall accidents, dehydration and malnutrition — these are all common, but highly preventable injuries sustained by nursing home patients. Every nursing home has written policies and patient care plans that are designed to prevent such injuries. If nursing home facilities and staff would follow the law and their own internal policies for patient care, nursing homes would be a much safer and kinder place for nursing home patients.

Failure to Follow Patient Care Plans

Every nursing home should have an individual care plan for each of its patients, but that is not always the case. However, nursing homes do have a general care plan or internal policies for the standard of care that they must provide to their patients. Care plans do vary from facility to facility, but all New York nursing homes are guided in part by federal law and New York law:

  • Patients who are unable to turn themselves must be turned every two hours
  • Patients who are unable to feed themselves must receive a minimum number of calories and must receive sufficient liquids to remain properly hydrated
  • Patients must be treated with dignity; they must receive proper hygiene and be properly dressed
  • Patients must receive adequate care that provides for their safety and well-being

Nursing homes have written protocols for virtually every single aspect of their operation. If they follow their own protocols, there would be no nursing home negligence or abuse. Unfortunately, many nursing home patients suffer needlessly because nursing homes fail to follow their own guidelines.

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