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Uterine Rupture & C-Section Errors

Did my Doctor Wait Too Long to Perform a C-Section?

Mothers and babies can suffer serious or fatal injuries when medical professionals fail to provide quality care before, during or after the birth of a child. One of the most critical responsibilities for nurses and physicians is to timely diagnose cases in which a mother requires a cesarean section (C-section). When it is determined that a C-section is necessary, hospitals must have staff on hand to perform the procedure immediately, as any delay can cause serious medical complications.

C-Section Errors

There are a variety of ways that medical negligence can cause complications when mothers require a C-section procedure. The most common error is a failure to timely recognize warning signs of a uterine rupture. Doctors should be watchful for warning signs that a mother may suffer a uterine rupture. If a risk of uterine rupture is detected, a C-section should be performed to prevent a baby from suffering brain damage or death.

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