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Failure to Monitor

Failure to Monitor is a Major Form of Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home patients often suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other mental or physical impairments that may place them at high risk of injury if they are not carefully monitored. There are a variety of ways that nursing home patients may be injured when nursing homes do not properly monitor their patients, including:

  • Injuries from wandering and elopement
  • Injuries from exposure to adverse weather conditions
  • Injuries from slip-and-fall accidents
  • Injuries from bed sores that should have been prevented or timely treated

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Injuries from Wandering and Elopement

While far less common than bed sore injuries or slip-and-fall accidents, injuries from wandering and elopement do pose a problem at nursing home facilities. Since many nursing home patients suffer from some form of dementia or cognitive impairment, it is not uncommon for patients to suffer injuries when they are exposed to danger from wandering and elopement.

Examples of wandering and elopement injuries include:

  • Patients who die from heat exposure or suffer injuries resulting from exposure to cold weather when they wander off of nursing home grounds
  • Patients who are struck by a motor vehicle because they venture away from a nursing home facility
  • Patients who are assaulted when they wander off of nursing home grounds and are unaware of their surroundings or personal safety
  • Patients who wander onto rooftops or high structures and suffer fatal fall injuries

Nursing home patients are often very vulnerable. Nursing home facilities must have adequate policies in place to protect the safety of their patients.

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