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Inadequate Staffing

Was Understaffing the Cause of a Nursing Home Injury?

Nearly all reasonable people can agree that residents in nursing homes and group homes deserve quality, respectful care. Elderly and disabled people normally live in long-term care facilities because their families are unable to provide the round-the-clock care and monitoring that they need. Many long-term care facilities provide excellent care. Unfortunately, however, neglect and abuse do occur in nursing home and group home settings, far more often than we would like to admit.

More often than not, once we begin an investigation regarding a nursing home or group home injury case, we discover that the underlying cause was inadequate staffing. As managers seek to control costs, they may find it convenient to hire fewer caregivers. The results can be devastating to residents. Common examples of negligence resulting from inadequate staffing and failure to monitor residents of nursing homes include:

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