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Receiving the Wrong Diagnosis, What Can I Do?

Receiving a diagnosis of a serious medical condition like cancer can be a stressful, terrifying experience. What do you do, however, if you find out that you received the wrong diagnosis, possibly denying you the life-saving treatment you need?

Much like a failure to diagnose a disease, injury or other medical condition, a misdiagnosis can lead to severe negative effects on your health, even if you were not sick to begin with. A misdiagnosis can lead to:

  • Conditions such as cancers, heart attacks or infections going untreated
  • Receiving the wrong type of surgery
  • Being subjected to treatment like chemotherapy that you may not need, causing new health problems
  • Tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills for unnecessary procedures that did not treat your real medical needs

If you are the victim of a misdiagnosis because of a doctor or other health care provider’s negligence, contact the attorneys at RGLZ Personal Injury Law. We’ve fought on the behalf of medical malpractice victims throughout Long Island and New York City since 1968, and won hundreds of millions of dollars for those clients.

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We understand what an emotional time this is for you. It is imperative that you receive the right medical care, and that you receive compensation for your medical bills and any unnecessary pain and suffering. We’ll help you get to a better place.