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Failure to Recognize Signs of Fetal Distress

Did my Doctor Fail to Recognize Signs of Fetal Distress?

Birth injuries often occur because medical professionals fail to properly recognize or respond to signs of fetal distress. Babies may suffer serious or fatal injuries when doctors, nurses and other medical professionals fail to provide quality care.

Oxygen deprivation and other types of fetal distress before and during childbirth can cause babies to develop cerebral palsy and other serious medical conditions. In the most severe cases, a failure to properly respond to signs of fetal distress can cause a baby to be stillborn.

Medical technology, including fetal monitoring devices, allow medical professionals to monitor a baby’s heart rate and take notice of issues that may pose a threat to the health of a baby before and during the delivery process. However, the most advanced technology in the world is useless if doctors, nurses and hospital staff do not do their jobs properly.

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