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Faulty Breathing Apparatus

Defective Respirator Injuries

Workers who perform certain tasks need respirators to avoid inhaling dangerous fumes and particles. Some of these tasks include sanding, cutting, drilling, grinding, crushing, painting, welding, soldering and working with solvents. Construction workers who work in confined spaces such as pipelines, trenches, ditches and sewers also need respirators to prevent inhalation injuries as well as a lack of oxygen.

A construction worker who is not provided with an adequate breathing apparatus or respirator under certain conditions can be in serious danger. A lack of oxygen, or exposure to certain gases can cause death within minutes.

The injuries caused by exposure to toxins and a lack of oxygen can be severe or fatal and may include organ damage, tissue damage, dizziness and headaches, loss of consciousness, viruses, respiratory illness, lung scarring or cancer. In the most severe cases, wrongful death may be the result.

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