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Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

Representation for Victims of Delayed Cancer Diagnosis in New York City and Long Island

The early detection of cancer can mean the difference between life and death for many patients. Even in cases where a delayed diagnosis does not have fatal consequences, patients may experience debilitating side effects that could impact the rest of their lives. Depending on the type of cancer and its progression, a delayed diagnosis of even a short period of time can be extremely significant.

Failure to diagnose cancer is a leading cause of medical malpractice claims, with a failure to diagnose breast cancer as the leading basis for delayed diagnosis claims. All too often, a failure to diagnose cancer is the result of medical negligence, including a failure to order appropriate tests or a failure to properly analyze the results from tests that have been ordered. In some cases, negligence occurs when a doctor fails to follow up with a patient who is potentially at risk for cancer due to various risk factors. Examples of cancer-delayed diagnosis claims include:

  • Failure to diagnose breast cancer
  • Failure to diagnose prostate cancer
  • Failure to diagnose ovarian cancer
  • Failure to diagnose colon cancer
  • Failure to diagnose cervical cancer
  • Failure to diagnose skin cancer

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a delayed cancer diagnosis, contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer at RGLZ. We represent clients throughout New York City and Long Island in a wide range of medical malpractice claims.

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