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Truck Accidents

Rear-End Collisions

Many people assume that a rear-end collision is always the fault of the driver in back. Most people understand the idea of a “safe following distance”, and in many cases, these people are correct in that a driver who rear-ends another was likely following too closely. However, there are numerous exceptions to this rule — including the case of a car caught in the middle in a multiple-car accident, and each accident and circumstances surrounding it are unique. Just because an accident is a rear-end collision doesn’t mean that it’s an open and shut situation.

The facts of your case are unique and deserve careful analysis. Whether you were in the car in front or the car behind, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible if you were involved in a rear-end collision that resulted in injury or death.

Over our nearly 50 years of practice, RGLZ Personal Injury Law has represented clients injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including car crashes, truck wrecks and motorcycle accidents. We’ve seen it all. Our clients were injured in T-bone accidents at intersections, in head-on collisions and in rear-end collisions. Some have suffered very serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. But each of these cases has had one thing in common: our dedication to making sure our clients end up in a better place than when they came to us.

We work closely with accident reconstruction experts and other professionals who help us build strong cases for our clients. Our goal isn’t just to recover maximum attainable compensation for the injured, but to make sure they and their family feel like part of our family as well.

Whether you’re from New York City or Long Island, we’re in your corner, and ready to come out fighting.

After a rear-end collision, the injury attorneys at RGLZ can help you recover compensation to cover medical bills, replace lost wages, and acknowledge pain and suffering. All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no fees to us unless we recover compensation for you. So call us 866-639-5567 or contact us by e-mail, and we guarantee a free consultation with one of our partners. Let our decades of dedication to the law and our clients work for you.