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Staph Infections

How Do Nursing Home Patients get Staph Infections?

Many nursing home patients develop staph infections. These infections are caused by staphylococcus bacteria, a type of germ that can be passed from person to person. While most people who contract a staph infection do not suffer serious health complications, some individuals with a staph infection may suffer serious injury or even death.

Since nursing home patients often suffer from health problems, their immune systems may find it more difficult to fight off a staph infection, or any other infection. While it is very difficult to determine the cause of staph infections, MRSA and other infections, such infections may in some cases be a warning sign that a nursing home patient is not receiving proper care. This is particularly true if a patient has suffered multiple infections.

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If a loved one has suffered a staph infection or other medical complication and you feel it may have been caused by nursing home negligence, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at RGLZ. We represent clients throughout New York in a wide range of nursing home negligence claims.

While your call to our office may be originally prompted by the discovery of an infection, we will go further to determine if there are other causes for concern, which may include:

  • Poor daily hygiene
  • Other forms of substandard care

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