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Electrical Accidents And Injuries2018-03-14T20:41:42+00:00
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Electrical Accidents and Injuries

Construction Workers Are at Increased Risk for Electrical Accidents

A study conducted by the Electrical Safety Foundation International shows that the construction industry has long had the highest number of electrical accident fatalities. Despite some improvement in this area in recent years, construction workers still face considerable risk for electric shock injuries and electrocution.

Electric shock patients may face a difficult recovery period that requires care from specialists. They may be temporarily or permanently unable to return to work. Injury victims and their families will need compensation for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and any related expenses.

Potential Electrocution Risks

On construction sites, there are numerous hazards that can subject workers to electric shock, including:

  • Contact with overhead power lines
  • Contact with underground power lines
  • Contact with hidden power lines/electrical components during demolition work
  • Tool or machinery defects
  • Missing or faulty electrical guards
  • Ungrounded power supply
  • Wear and tear has damaged the cord or machine
  • Improper use of machinery

We will determine who is liable for your accident and hold the negligent parties accountable. You may be eligible for a separate third-party injury claim in addition to workers’ compensation.

Let Us Help You Get to a Better Place

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