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VW “DieselGate” Emissions Scandal Update


The Volkswagen emissions scandal is heading into its third month at this point, and things seem to keep getting worse as time goes on. Today we’re going to look at some new developments that have come about in recent weeks, as well as look forward at VW’s rumored plans to “fix” the issues with its diesel powered cars. If you missed our original article about the scandal and what it entails, Click Here to read up on that.

The Scandal now Includes All Diesels Since 2009

That’s right. If you own a VW group diesel produced in the years since 2009, your car is affected. Initially VW denied that some models were affected by the emissions cheating software, but in recent weeks they’ve caved under mounting pressure from regulators worldwide, and have come to admit that this cheating extends to every diesel sold in the last 6 years. They’ve also stopped production on all diesel models in the aftermath of this revelation.

Implications of Emissions Cheating are Beginning to Spread to Gasoline Powered Cars Too

In early November, Volkswagen disclosed that it may have “understated” the amount of CO2 emissions on up to 800,000 cars, now including gasoline powered cars for the first time. While this side of the story hasn’t come out completely, there’s reason to believe that this scandal could be far from over, and new inclusions to the list of vehicles affected by the emissions cheating could continue to grow by the day.

VW has Rolled out a Somewhat Disingenuous “Goodwill” Program for TDI Owners

If you’re a Volkswagen TDI owner, VW will be offering you a bit of bribe money to make you feel better. The offer includes a $500 pre-paid gift card, $500 service voucher, and 3 years of free roadside assistance. What it doesn’t include, thankfully, is any fine print that forces you to give up your right to sue. So you can feel free to take the gift offering, and still pursue legal compensation in regards to the scandal. And you may want to think of doing so, because…

Volkswagen has Seemingly Chosen the “Software Update” as Their Plan to “Fix” the Cars

As of today (November 24), VW has come out saying that their plan for the majority of the affected cars is to reprogram the ECU. If you read our previous article, this means that the cars in question are facing down major negative changes in performance and fuel economy. It’s a lose-lose situation for customers that will do the least damage to VW’s bottom line, and the most damage to the cars’ resale value. Now is the best time to explore your legal options as an owner of a VW diesel vehicle.

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