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Verdicts and Settlements

In our over 50 years of service, the attorneys at Rappaport, Glass, Levine & Zullo have represented clients in thousands of cases. We always try to ensure that our clients are fairly and appropriately compensated for the injuries and losses they endured as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Recoveries of Note

Jury Verdict: $4,800,000

Flammable clothing caused burns to an 8-year-old whose older friends were playing with gasoline and matches.

Settlement: $4,900,000
Motorcyclist was injured when a car made a left turn in front of him.

Settlement: $4,100,000
A 6-year-old boy suffered bowel and spinal injuries in a head-on collision.

Settlement: $2,400,000
A police officer was struck by a car in the line of duty.

Settlement: $2,385,000
A motorcyclist became a paraplegic in an accident with a van.

Settlement: $2,100,000
A bar continued to serve an obviously drunk patron who later crashed into our client’s car.

Arbitration Award: $1,100,000
After a minor car accident, a teenager developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy of her foot.

Settlement: $4,770,000
A highway construction worker sustained permanent injuries when a teenage driver lost control of her car and fishtailed over several lanes of traffic, skidding into the construction zone and then into the worker.

Settlement: $4,500,000
A construction worker fell from a roof at a Long Island job site, resulting in permanent shortening of his injured leg.

Settlement: $3,000,000
A construction worker was paralyzed while working at a construction site in one of NYC’s 5 boroughs, when a roof collapsed, severing his spine.

Settlement: $3,000,000
A construction worker fell off a scaffold and badly fractured his heel, leading to a neurological condition called CRPS.

Settlement: $1,750,000
A union laborer was in the process of setting up scaffolding at a Brooklyn job site and fell 15 feet when the surface he was standing on collapsed from underneath him.

Jury Verdict: $5,700,000
A young mother of two died due to her doctor’s failure to diagnose a cerebral aneurysm.

Settlement: $1,845,000
A firefighter injured in a car accident died of a blood clot that should have been diagnosed and successfully

Settlement: $1,425,000
Failed spinal surgery due to the doctors’ improper construction of surgical hardware, resulting in patient’s
need for five additional surgeries.

Settlement: $600,000
An elderly woman suffered severe bed sores. Discovery revealed that the nursing home altered the client’s chart after she was discharged from the facility.

Settlement: $300,000
An elderly man with Parkinson’s and difficulty swallowing was given cut-up meat when MDs had ordered “ground meat only” and he choked to death as a result.

Settlement: $132,500
After falling in a hospital and suffering from a broken hip, an 81-year-old man also suffered from dehydration at the nursing home in which he was recuperating.

Settlement: $125,000
The family of a 91 year-old woman received this settlement offer an infection from a bedsore caused her death. The victim was recovering from a broken hip at a hospital.

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