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Outreach Efforts for Local Workers

When Mike Levine of RGLZ Personal Injury Law decided he wanted to give a holiday gift of sweatshirts for construction workers on Long Island this past December, we thought that we were doing something great. When we saw and heard the kind words from the recipients, nothing could have made us happier. And we never anticipated the kind of response that we got.


Suddenly, we were out of the entire initial batch. Hundreds of these sweatshirts found their way to hard working men and women. And then, unexpectedly, we started hearing from people on sites all over the island, asking us if we could come pay them a visit. So we did. We ordered hundreds more, and yet again, they quickly found their way to people who deserved them.


And so now, what originally started as a way to “play Santa” for some local workers, has turned into a day-in day-out program of meeting Long Island’s workers and union members, and asking what we can do to help them. We truly believe that these outreach efforts have a positive effect for everyone involved, and we don’t see ourselves stopping anytime soon.


If you know of, or work on, a site where the workers could use some of our gear, please contact us 800-734-9445 and let us know, we’ll be happy to pay a visit. And if you ever need a team you can trust with a construction accident case, look no further than RGLZ. We get the job done.

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