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NYC Transit Authority Found 100% at Fault

RGLZ Trial Attorney Tom Valet Wins $8,000,000.00 Verdict After a Brooklyn Jury Finds the NYC Transit Authority 100% at Fault.

After a heavy snowstorm RGLZ’s client fell down an exterior subway staircase injuring his back, neck and shoulder. He required 3 surgeries, 2 to his spine and 1 to his shoulder. The New York City Transit Authority (the “TA”) claimed it did a marvelous job of clearing the subway stairs of snow and ice so it was safe for New Yorkers to use the subway system. By exposing the TA’s own records, calling its own employees as witnesses, and presenting the testimony of an expert meteorologist, RGLZ trial attorney Tom Valet proved the TA’s claims were false. A Brooklyn jury found the NYC Transit Authority 100% at fault for our client’s accident.

The TA still refused to make a fair settlement offer. Tom picked a second jury and offered the testimony of our client’s spinal surgeon, a neuroradiologist, a physiatrist and an economist, and successfully cross-examined the TA’s medical experts resulting in an $8,000,000.00 verdict, nearly 25 times the first offer made by the TA.

Unlike most lawyers, we at RGLZ become emotionally engaged with our clients. Without reservation, to us the best part of Tom’s marvelous verdict is how it will give our client the ability to live his life with dignity, to support himself and his family, to educate his children, and to be independent now and in the future.