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DePuy Hip Implants Verdict

On November 16th 2017, a federal jury in Dallas, TX told Johnson & Johnson and their subsidiary DePuy that they need to pay six patients a total of $247 million due to hip implants that turned out to be defective.

The verdict came as a result of finding that the hip implants used a metal to metal design, which was directly linked to patient injuries. Moreover, the companies who designed the hip replacements failed to warn the patients about the possible risks involved in the surgery. Read more about the verdict here: DePuy $247 Million Dollar Verdict for Plaintiffs

Suits for defective and recalled artificial hips have been ongoing for years now, with several major settlements of litigation’s involving not only DePuy, but also Stryker hips, Zimmer, Wright and Biomet. Rappaport, Glass Levine & Zullo are investigating any case involving metal-on-metal hip replacements, including Depuy ASR Systems.  If you or a family member has or had a hip replacement surgery with metal-on-metal parts and are experiencing hip pain, difficulty standing, loss of mobility, or have to undergo a subsequent hip replacement surgery, please contact us right away.

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