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Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

What to do After Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Women who develop breast cancer can benefit significantly from early detection. A failure to diagnose breast cancer can have serious or fatal consequences. Unfortunately, the delayed diagnosis of breast cancer is not uncommon. In fact, the failure to timely diagnose breast cancer is the most common type of medical malpractice claim.

Common Physical Errors

There are many factors that can contribute to a failure to diagnose breast cancer, including:

  • Failure to perform a mammogram
  • Failure to order an ultrasound
  • Failure to order a biopsy
  • Failure to perform an MRI
  • Misread mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy or MRI results
  • Failure to properly perform a biopsy procedure
  • Failure to follow-up with a patient

Doctors should carefully question their patients to determine if they have a history of breast cancer in their family. If a doctor notices a lump in a woman’s breast during the course of an examination, he or she must take appropriate steps to test for the possibility of breast cancer. Since a mammogram may fail to detect the presence of cancer, an ultrasound should be ordered when a lump or other significant warning sign is detected. Where appropriate, a biopsy should be ordered.

While a failure to order appropriate tests often account for a delayed diagnosis of breast cancer, a delayed diagnosis is sometimes the result of a failure to properly read the results of a test that has been ordered, including a mammogram, ultrasound or biopsy.

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