Car Seat Safety

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Every day across America, parents and caregivers drive young children to and from school, daycare, the store, and around town in car seats and boosters. Yet nearly half of all car seats are installed incorrectly, which means your child may not be traveling as safely as possible. To help keep children safe on our [...]

Snow Bank Dangers

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Dangers of Driving in Snow Make sure you are aware of the potential dangers on the road from ice, snow and winter weather before driving. When you decide to get behind the wheel of your car, you accept the responsibility for what happens while you are driving, so please pay extra attention when entering intersections and [...]

New York Dram Shop Liability and the “Sale Statute”

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DRAM SHOP CIVIL LIABILITY Americans love their alcohol in all its destructive glory.  The United States Center for Disease Control reports that 50% of American adults consider themselves regular drinkers.  In 2012 alone, there were over 10,000 alcohol-related traffic deaths in the United States.  New York has responded by passing legislation targeting alcohol sellers who [...]

Accident Liability Rental Cars |

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LIABILITY OF RENTAL COMPANIES FOR ACCIDENTS WHICH OCCUR IN RENTAL VEHICLES New York State is one of a minority of states which imposes legal responsibility on the owner of a vehicle, if the driver of that vehicle negligently causes an accident.  The theory behind this type of vicarious liability is that the owner is in [...]

Do This Before Your Next Road Trip

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The most important automobile insurance one can have in New York, is sadly, too often the insurance coverage one does not have. Learn how to protect your family before you get behind the wheel. https://rglzreport.com/do-this-before-your-next-road-trip

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The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal and You: What Action Can You Take?

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By now, Volkswagen’s emissions scandal has become common knowledge amongst the average American. What most people know is that VW cheated on their emissions testing for diesel vehicles, and that they are facing down fines from the US government to the tune of billions of dollars. In short, owners of these vehicles have been the [...]

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Distracted Driving: Causes & their Legal Liabilities

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  written by Matthew Zullo With the cell phone becoming an indispensable accessory and its use becoming habitual, we hear more and more about the hazards that come with using one while driving. Unfortunately, the news is often tragic and distracted driving results in about 3500 deaths and over 400,000 serious injuries each [...]

Man allegedly driving under the influence in fatal accident

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New York police have apprehended a 20-year-old man after a pursuit that began in response to an earlier accident. The man is purported to have traveled erratically down sidewalks and congested streets before colliding with the victims' car. Police have filed several charges against the man, including driving under the influence of narcotics. They have also stated [...]

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