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HOW CIOX V. AZAR HAS CHANGED THE PERSONAL INJURY LANDSCAPE Michael Glass, Esq. Christopher Glass, Esq. Rappaport, Glass, Levine & Zullo   The delivery of medical records to patients and their attorneys has undergone seismic changes in the last few decades.  Federal and state HIPAA laws created strict standards governing patient privacy. In New York, [...]

One Third of U.S. Nursing Home Residents Suffer from Malnutrition or Dehydration

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According to a recent study by National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform, Malnutrition and Dehydration in Nursing Homes: Key Issues in Prevention and Treatment, at least a third of the 1.6 million nursing home residents in the United States suffer from malnutrition or dehydration.

Nursing Home Medication Errors Could Be Harming Your Loved One

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Warning Signs of Medication Errors or Abuse: Frequent Vomiting (without illness being the cause), delirium, excessive sleepiness, decreased mobility increase in falls, unexplained changes in behavior or alertness, sudden organ failure and unexplained death.

DePuy Hip Implants Verdict

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On November 16th 2017, a federal jury in Dallas, TX told Johnson & Johnson and their subsidiary DePuy that they need to pay six patients a total of $247 million due to hip implants that turned out to be defective. The verdict came as a result of finding that the hip implants used a metal [...]

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Lavern’s Law | Date of Discovery Bill

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It's named after a woman, Lavern Wilkinson, who died in 2013 of treatable lung cancer. Her radiologist noticed a suspicious mass in 2010, but Lavern was never told. When she went back more than 2½ later for a chronic cough, she was told she had cancer, that it had spread, and that it was terminal.

New York Dram Shop Liability and the “Sale Statute”

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DRAM SHOP CIVIL LIABILITY Americans love their alcohol in all its destructive glory.  The United States Center for Disease Control reports that 50% of American adults consider themselves regular drinkers.  In 2016 alone, there were 10,497 people who died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report published in October [...]

Accident Liability Rental Cars |

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LIABILITY OF RENTAL COMPANIES FOR ACCIDENTS WHICH OCCUR IN RENTAL VEHICLES New York State is one of a minority of states which imposes legal responsibility on the owner of a vehicle, if the driver of that vehicle negligently causes an accident.  The theory behind this type of vicarious liability is that the owner is in [...]