DePuy Hip Implants Verdict

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On November 16th 2017, a federal jury in Dallas, TX told Johnson & Johnson and their subsidiary DePuy that they need to pay six patients a total of $247 million due to hip implants that turned out to be defective. The verdict came as a result of finding that the hip implants used a metal [...]

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New York Dram Shop Liability and the “Sale Statute”

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DRAM SHOP CIVIL LIABILITY Americans love their alcohol in all its destructive glory.  The United States Center for Disease Control reports that 50% of American adults consider themselves regular drinkers.  In 2012 alone, there were over 10,000 alcohol-related traffic deaths in the United States.  New York has responded by passing legislation targeting alcohol sellers who [...]

Accident Liability Rental Cars |

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LIABILITY OF RENTAL COMPANIES FOR ACCIDENTS WHICH OCCUR IN RENTAL VEHICLES New York State is one of a minority of states which imposes legal responsibility on the owner of a vehicle, if the driver of that vehicle negligently causes an accident.  The theory behind this type of vicarious liability is that the owner is in [...]