New York girl dies from car accident injuries; driver ran away

A man is alleged to have stolen a vehicle and days later ran a family down. A 12-year-old died from her car accident injuries, and her family members were seriously wounded. New York police reported that the driver ran from the scene but surrendered to officers later.

The accident happened in early July when the man driving the allegedly stolen vehicle ran over a curb and struck the now deceased victim along with a younger sibling and her mother. The man is then alleged to have left the scene on foot while one witness attempted to chase him. The man was able to elude arrest at that time.

One of the victims was purportedly trapped beneath the vehicle until witnesses were able to free the girl. It was unclear if the child who died was the one pinned. The man who hit them presented himself to the New York police department a day after the fatal wreck. The nature of the injuries the 9-year-old child or her mother suffered or their current condition or prognosis had not been made public at the time of the report.

The 26-year-old driver has been charged with criminally negligent homicide as well as manslaughter. He has also been charged with leaving the scene of an accident that involved a fatality as well as other offenses. The mother and her surviving daughter may have a rough recovery ahead as they heal from their car accident injuries. However, their emotional recovery may take far longer in light of the tragic loss they have suffered. The family may seek financial relief from the overwhelming expenses they may have sustained by filing successful wrongful death and personal injury claims against the one who is liable for the pain and loss they are now struggling to overcome.

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