Medical malpractice trial to start over death of man’s wife

A husband who lost his wife after years of suffering is ready to have his side heard during a civil trial. The medical malpractice suit that he filed concerns the alleged negligence of a surgeon that he believes caused his wife to die. The trial is not being held in New York, but patients everywhere may benefit from learning more about the case.

The victim had surgery in Feb. 2009. She died less than 18 months later in 2010. The woman had undergone a surgical procedure that spanned several hours and purportedly went into a second shift of support staff. At the end of the surgery, a count of equipment and supplies was conducted. According to nursing staff, there was a discrepancy in the number of surgical sponges retrieved from the patient.

After a quick check, one sponge was removed from the woman’s body but a further examination was not conducted. Some time later, X-rays revealed the presence of another sponge. After failed attempts to retrieve the object, including one that caused further injury to another organ, the remaining sponge was removed by a different surgeon several months. The woman died 15 months after the initial operation that resulted in the object being left inside of her stomach cavity.

The husband has exercised his right to file a medical malpractice claim in order to seek justice for the pain, suffering and ultimate loss of his beloved spouse. It is expected that there will be testimony offered that will possibly support his claim that the surgeon’s negligence contributed to the death of the patient. New York patients who believe that they, too, have suffered as a result of negligence or inactions or a medical provider are also ensured of the right to file a similar claim. Such an action may allow for the recovery of monetary damages and may also protect other patients from suffering at the hands of a careless medical professional.

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